Forex Trading System

Ultima EA: Fully Automated Trading System for the Forex Market

More info on Ultima EA: This video explains the Ultima EA, which is a 100% fully automated Forex trading system. Solid and robust strategy partly based on SWAT methods is now available. It has made more than 130% in the first 6 months of live trading, taking a $10,000 account and doubling it to more than $23,000+.

Back testing was completed with 99.9% modelling accuracy and real historical spreads. The EA saw accounts grow from $1,000 to almost a $1 million in less than 2.5 years. Join Ultima EA without any fees and via a profit share module (keep 70-80% of the profits for yourself).

Sign-up for an account here to start with Ultima EA now:

Live trading results monitored via myfxbook:

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