Up $0.22 or 0.35% The price of crude oil futures are settling at $63.27. That is up $0.22 or 0.35%.  The price did dip into the negative territory down to $62.81 (the price closed on Friday at $63.04) in the New York session as stocks rebounded, and fear from the Middle East subsided. However, the price
Bitcoin’s recent price jump after the U.S. killing of a top Iranian general has rekindled a long-running debate among investors: whether it will work as a safe-haven asset like gold in times of heightened geopolitical and economic turmoil.  The cryptocurrency changed hands around $7,500 on Monday, up about 10 percent since Iran’s top general, Qassem
Last week, the US government took out a key Iranian military leader. As the world – and the markets – reacts to the news, some are asking what happens with bitcoin. With global instability on the rise, will more people turn to bitcoin as a safe haven asset? Will speculators drive the price up on
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For the first time in nearly 40 years, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is lowering the barriers to investing in private securities. How much lower is unclear, however. Three of the five SEC commissioners voted to publish a proposal for updating the definition of “accredited investors,” a category of individuals and institutions that are
Galen Moore is a Senior Research Analyst at CoinDesk. The following article originally appeared in Institutional Crypto by CoinDesk, a weekly newsletter focused on institutional investment in crypto assets. Sign up for free here. Fake volume became one of crypto assets’ leading narratives of 2019, as a U.S. regulatory application for an exchange-traded product (ETP) followed the work of earlier
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